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Learning Planet

16 Jun

Well, summer time is here, and I’m on the hunt for some fun, free websites for the kiddos to play/learn on.  Learning Planet has some fun, cute games that are very learning oriented.  There is a subscription area for teachers that can be set up and individualized for students.  I also found a section titled “worksheets” that currently has pdf files for a min-book.



15 Jun

If you’ve been around a classroom for long, you’ve probably heard of this website.  Starfall is a great website for beginning readers, and they are working on adding more for kids who are more proficient.  It is a great website, with interactive books for children, developed to focus on phonics skills while keeping things fun.  There are also games, printable books, and other interactive activities, all with the focus of keeping learning fun!

First School Years

9 Jun

This website, First School Years,  is a fantastic resource!!  It covers all areas of the curriculum.  I found it while searching for language arts/phonics resources, but every time I click into a new area I find more valuable information.   The literacy area is worth spending some time browsing.  There are general resources, and then more sections broken up into word, sentence, and text levels.  Each area is crammed full of resources, assessments, worksheets, and information.  All free… LOVE the free stuff!

On the side bar, you will find all other subjects, including fantastic information for math.  This will be one you’ll be adding to your favorites for sure.

A wealth of handouts from Iowa State University

2 Jun

This website from Iowa State University has been a go to place for me to print off great information for parents.  This website has a wealth of fantastic PDF handouts, most of which are free.  The handouts cover the topic areas of child development, from birth through 11 years.  In addition, many other topics are covered including biting, discipline, sleep, language development, self-esteem, sibling rivalry, and on and on.

Carl’s Corner… Helping Struggling Readers

2 Jun

While taking a class on helping struggling readers, a classmate came upon the website, self titled Carl’s Corner.   This website is a fantastic resource for any teacher, parent, or anyone who works with children with difficulties in some area of learning. I particularly like the section on intervention, but the whole website is worth browsing.  Don’t miss the downloadable booklet on instructional intervention.  This website is so chock full of fantastic information that I still haven’t gone through it all!