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Photo fun for Father’s Day

18 Jun

Father’s Day crafts are always a struggle for me.  I want to allow children to really put their own touch on something, but the dads that I know like function.  We’ve gotten creative with photographs in the past, and this year will be no exception.  I got this idea from Family Fun’s website.  You can read detailed steps there.  I was able to find 1 1/2-inch wooden blocks online for a very reasonable price, but this project is probably more economical for a smaller group.  One or two-inch blocks can also be used.

Use acrylic paints for four of the sides

Rubber Band blocks together

Use blocks to trace and cut a photo to size

Apply a layer of glue to the blocks and attach photo

Optional: Seal the image

Cut the image with a craft knife. Repeat the photo gluing process on the opposite side.

When the pieces are completely dry, wrap them in a bundle in tissue paper, or a nice fabric drawstring bag.

Happy Father’s Day!