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Learning Games for Kids

17 Jun

This website, Learning Games for Kids, has quite a variety of free games and videos covering all subject areas.  The games are fairly simple and easy to play, and focus on basic skills.  They even have keyboarding skill games to help children improve typing skills.



2 Jun

Discovery Kids has a great little game on their website that encourages creativity, problem solving, and even some simple physics concepts.  Whizzball is an addictive game, fun for children and adults alike!  You can play games that others have created, or create your own and add it to the lineup for others to play.  Best for intermediate ages and up.

Mirror Mirror: A Book of Reversible Verse by Marilyn Singer

2 Jun

Poetry, fairy tales, and a unique twist!  This book of poems, based on popular fairy tales and their characters, intrigued me immediately.  Each poem is written in two directions.  Read down for one take on a character or situation, and then the poem is flipped for you, giving a totally different perspective on the same subject matter.  For example, using all the same words in a different order, she delivers two poems about the tale of Goldilocks.  The first one is from Goldilocks’ perspective, claiming that the bears left the door unlocked and weren’t home, and she’d meant no harm.  The second describes the distressing scene the bears found in their own home after Goldilocks made her notorious visit.  Quite clever!