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Free printable notebook paper and handwriting practice sheets

20 Jul

One of my children has a very difficult time with handwriting, so I latch on to anything I can that I think will motivate him!  This summer, I’ve given him a few different projects to work on, and this free printable handwriting paper site has been wonderful.  I also like this site which has printable manuscript and cursive practice as well as other free handwriting paper downloads.  This site allows you to create customizable paper if you want to create a themed paper.

And while we’re at it, this site and this site enable you to create customizable handwriting practice sheets.

One last thing, I love this site for the versatile, customizable graph paper you can create and print!


Photo fun for Father’s Day

18 Jun

Father’s Day crafts are always a struggle for me.  I want to allow children to really put their own touch on something, but the dads that I know like function.  We’ve gotten creative with photographs in the past, and this year will be no exception.  I got this idea from Family Fun’s website.  You can read detailed steps there.  I was able to find 1 1/2-inch wooden blocks online for a very reasonable price, but this project is probably more economical for a smaller group.  One or two-inch blocks can also be used.

Use acrylic paints for four of the sides

Rubber Band blocks together

Use blocks to trace and cut a photo to size

Apply a layer of glue to the blocks and attach photo

Optional: Seal the image

Cut the image with a craft knife. Repeat the photo gluing process on the opposite side.

When the pieces are completely dry, wrap them in a bundle in tissue paper, or a nice fabric drawstring bag.

Happy Father’s Day!

Learning Games for Kids

17 Jun

This website, Learning Games for Kids, has quite a variety of free games and videos covering all subject areas.  The games are fairly simple and easy to play, and focus on basic skills.  They even have keyboarding skill games to help children improve typing skills.

Learning Planet

16 Jun

Well, summer time is here, and I’m on the hunt for some fun, free websites for the kiddos to play/learn on.  Learning Planet has some fun, cute games that are very learning oriented.  There is a subscription area for teachers that can be set up and individualized for students.  I also found a section titled “worksheets” that currently has pdf files for a min-book.


15 Jun

If you’ve been around a classroom for long, you’ve probably heard of this website.  Starfall is a great website for beginning readers, and they are working on adding more for kids who are more proficient.  It is a great website, with interactive books for children, developed to focus on phonics skills while keeping things fun.  There are also games, printable books, and other interactive activities, all with the focus of keeping learning fun!

Rockford’s Rock Opera

4 Jun

Rockford’s Rock Opera is an interesting website I stumbled upon.  I have to be honest… it took help from my 7-year-old for me to really understand how great this website is.  I’m not even sure how to describe it.  It is an interactive story.  There is music.  There is a message about extinction and taking care of our planet.  Definitely worth checking out!


2 Jun

Discovery Kids has a great little game on their website that encourages creativity, problem solving, and even some simple physics concepts.  Whizzball is an addictive game, fun for children and adults alike!  You can play games that others have created, or create your own and add it to the lineup for others to play.  Best for intermediate ages and up.